About Us

We at Jay Industrial Resins and Chemicals Inc. believe in eco-friendly manufacturing to provide products with low impact on nature. The Company has rapid growth providing products with superior customer orientation. Our continuous search and better Planning And production process provide us opportunity to serve our customers better. 


To be a leading manufacturer of unsaturated polyester resins and composites by providing the best product of assured quality having utmost environmental concern and customized solutions.

We deliver value-for-money solutions to our customers. We ensure this by conducting our business with honesty, and integrity, and maintaining the highest ethical standards while keeping in mind our responsibility to society.


We are well equipped to manufacture FRP Products, FRP Arts & Resins.
Our composites are
Weather Resistant
Anti Corrosive
Of all shapes and sizes
Our design infrastructure, R&D team, manufacturing capabilities, and tooling development capacity allow us to cater to any specific requirements of our customers.