Available in drums and Pails

Form Liquids
Usage/Application as Per Requirement
Packaging Size
20 kg Pails & 225 kg drums
Packaging Type Pails and Drums
Country of Origin Made in India


Product Features & Applications:

Vinyl ester is a specially formulated grade Vinyl ester plain with excellent resistance to a wide range of corrosive chemical environments at room and elevated temperatures. It is non promoted, non-thixotropic type and formulated chemical resistant unsaturated polyester resin based on selective epoxy and meth-acrylic acid processed carefully to specific molecular weight, dissolved in Styrene monomer in the presence of specially chosen inhibitor for storage life of over months @ room temperature. The VER is resistant to a wide range of chemicals/fluids for exposure & application. The resin is especially suitable for filament winding and lay-up/spray-up, pultrusion pipelines, and chemical process equipment like Reactors, Blowers, and fume extraction equipment is resistant to a wide range of chemicals/fluid for exposure & application.

Typical Application:

  • General Purpose vinyl ester resin with good chemical resistance
  • heat resistance
  • mechanical strength
  • Superior Vinyl ester resin with outstanding chemical
  • thermal resistance especially uses to resist organic solvents
  • oxidizing medium
Usage & Post-Curing:
  • The Vinyl Ester performs best if the laminate is completely post-cured. The quantity of catalyst and accelerator can be adjusted to get a shorter or longer gel time.
  • It is recommended to mature the products in 24 hours and post-curing should be done for a minimum of six hours at 80 degrees centigrade. This is recommended for getting the optimum properties.




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20 kg PAILS & 225 KG drums


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