Available in drums and Pails

Form Liquid

Usage/Application as Per Requirement
Country of Origin Made in India
Packaging Size 20 kg PAILS & 225 KG drums
Packaging Type JAR
Grade ISO, NPG and GP
Application Industrial


Product Features & Benefits:
These resins are tailored to meet the diverse needs of the GRP/FRP industry and meet the requirements of customers’ interest in improved efficiency and superior performance of finished products.

GELCOAT is a thixotropic, quick-curing superior phthalic anhydride and propylene glycol-based unsaturated polyester resin for general coating thixotropic applications. It is neither waxed nor pre-accelerated and suitable for both hand lay-up application and gun spray application. However, the gun spray-up application is preferable because it can apply the resin evenly and spread a thin coat without any pinholes.

The gel coat resin-coated surface is glossy after being cured. It has good mechanical properties and water resistance and is resistant to mild chemicals and ultra-violet light, thus enhancing the durability of glass fiber-reinforced plastics (GRP) products. Besides, the time between gelation and cure is short for espolâ„¢ 20.00 gel coat resin and therefore productivity can be increased.

As a gel coating agent, gel coat resin can be applied, using general-purpose resin as backup material, to a variety of GRP products. To improve the quality of a GRP product, the general-purpose laminating resin is recommended as a backup material of RTM grade for RTM processing.
gel coat resin mixed with colorants can be used as translucent coating material.

Additional information

Weight 25 kg

20 kg PAILS & 225 KG drums


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