Isophthalic Resin

Available in drums and Pails

Minimum Order Quantity: 35 Kilogram

Pack Type Drum, Carbo & Barrel
Packaging Size 20 kg PAILS & 225 KG drums
Usage/Application as Per Requirement
Country of Origin Made in India
Brand Josh
Form Liquid


Product Features & Benefits:

ISO Resin is a medium viscosity, medium reactive polyester resin based on Isophthalic acid and superior glycols. It exhibits good mechanical and electrical properties together with good chemical resistance compared to general-purpose resins.
ISO rapidly wets the surface of glass fiber in the form of a cloth mat or chopped fiber to produce laminates and moldings. Its superior chemical resistance towards most mineral and organic acids, solvents, and oils makes it an ideal choice for making glass-reinforced chemical process equipment, storage tanks, tankers, ducting, hoods, etc. for handling chemicals at ambient temperature. Moulds, boats, bathtubs, etc. can also be made

Typical Applications:

  • Good chemical resistance to water
  • salt and acid solutions
  • Filament winding
  • medium reactive
  • ISO PTA resin for good chemical
  • thermal resistance
  • Hot Press molding
  • SMC
  • DMC application
  • Pultrusion application5


Unreinforced castings show a commendable degree of resistance to most inorganic and organic acids at ambient temperature, except strong oxidizing acids. It also resists oils, plasticizers and inorganic salt solutions. For strong acids and alkalis attack for specific applications please contact our technical services department. In boiling water ortho phthalate resin showed signs of disintegration within 40 hours, whereas it showed no disintegration even after 60 hours. In 10% sulfuric acid and 5% aqueous caustic soda showed much superior resistance compared to general-purpose ortho phthalate resin. In the latter reagent specimens of ortho phthalate resin disintegrated within an hour.




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20 kg PAILS & 225 KG drums


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